Why ActivNzyme natural pool enzyme?

NaturCare ActivNzyme is different!

NaturCare ActivNzyme is different! Really different! Continue reading below...

Family owned & operated

We're a family! Maybe not in the mom and dad sense, but we're a family of natural care loving folks who have worked hard to blend a great product for your swimming pool or spa.

Why NaturCare ActivNzyme is special


It's in the formula!

This is the pool of one of the developers of NaturCare ActivNzyme. The picture is from Google earth taken hundreds of miles up, but isn't it fantastic that you can see the pool floor!

The performance of NaturCare ActivNzyme used in conjunction with an easy to follow program of swimming pool water care provides simple once per week additions producing great results.

NaturCare ActivNzyme history

NaturCare ActivNzyme was developed over a two year period. During that time, a local pool and spa water care expert worked with a local enzyme brewer to develop the product that you're now using!

It was originally good, but a little tweeking has made it even better.

Seeing is Believing!


So what's In NaturCare ActivNzyme?

NaturCare ActivNzyme is a proprietary and concentrated blend of pure-batch enzymes, a non-lanthanum based phosphate remover, surfactants, and a gentle yet effective water clarifier.

How concentrated is NaturCare ActivNzyme? You be the judge! That's NaturCare ActivNzyme on the left with 2 nationally known brands of "concentrated" enzyme products. Well, maybe they're not so concentrated.

NaturCare ActivNzyme is not only concentrated, but is a pure-batch of natural enzymes that are literally brewed over the course of several days, making them super active at doing their job: breaking down all kinds organic waste that is found in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. We've even been contacted by our customers that NaturCare ActivNzyme has been useful in controlling the amount of Cyanuric Acid (chlorine stabilizer) levels in their pool water.

How concentrated is it? Just look at the differences in contrast to other brands. NaturCare ActivNzyme is rich and dark, chock full of enzymes that are ready to do their work. The other brands are much lighter in color because they contain significantly more water - sometimes diluted up to 50 times! Why buy a watered-down product when you can buy the most concentrated?

Our proprietary phosphate remover aids in reducing the amount of naturally occurring phosphates that accumulate from all kinds of places: dead leaves and grass, bird droppings, pet dander, left-over dead hair and skin cells. Phosphates can feed algae and lead to an algae bloom that you don't want.

What's a "surfactant"? Surfactants are chemicals that help other chemicals get to where they're needed, typically onto the various pool surfaces (tile, vinyl surfaces, steps, etc). Surfactants help make water "wetter". When you pour NaturCare ActivNzyme into the pool or spa you'll notice that the product rapidly disperses. That's the surfactant working!

A clarifier? Yes, we blended in a clarifier to help trap fine particulate in your filter. 

Are you an Industry Professional?

If you're an industry professional, NaturCare ActivNzyme natural pool enzyme is the product for you. We have special pricing for  retailers, service pros & builders. Bulk carboys and totes are also available upon request.

Because we brew and bottle our products in smaller batches, we can often accommodate your specific needs.

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